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上海封装职位招聘,欢迎咨询 微信yy17cc

IC Packaging Engineer


1. As a member of the power package development group, responsible for the New Product Introduction (NPI), from design through qualification and release of the product to production and for the development of new IC and module package technologies working closely with the product design engineers and the factories.
2. Develop materials, assembly processes, process control plans with material suppliers, assembly vendors during NPI.
3. Develop and implement package design rules and other specifications for module assembly process.
4. Design and qualify new package solutions to meet and exceed the electrical, thermal and mechanical requirements of products.
5. Generate build sheets, package outline drawings and other specifications required for release of product.
6. Qualify the new products coordinating the required package level and board level reliability testing with the quality and reliability group and conduct any fAIlure analysis as required.
7. Achieve the target assembly yields for each product during the NPI phase to pass the final gate check to release to production.

Basic Qualifications:
1. BS 10 year or Masters degree in Engineering or equivalent technical discipline plus 5 years of experience, in a package and assembly manufacturing position which must have included: design and develop new packages including leadframe, substrate based, System-in-Package with both wirebond and flip chip interconnects, (power module, PSIP, WLCSP, RDL, bumping, lead frame, wirebond, etc.);
2. develop and implement laminate, flipchip bumping and assembly design rules;
3. good materials background on solder materials, solder joint reliability, die attach, molding compounds;
4. Lead new product introduction of packages in different assembly factories, validate the materials, process parameters using Design of Experiments (DOE) methodology, and establish necessary process controls and monitors prior to production release;
5. Qualify the designed package, materials and proces

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